Pediatric Eye Care

Children Need to Be Seen by an Eye Doctor Early in Life

Young eyes have change as a part of growing up. There are several checkpoints for vision development that need to be confirmed by your optometrist to prevent future vision problems. Here are some things Dr. Lawrence Forgacs at Eye Care Associates in Optometry in midtown Manhattan wants every parent to know about important milestones for healthy young eyes.


Good Vision Requires Check-Ups

We know that your child’s health is of great concern. Regular check-ups with your family eye doctor should be a part of monitoring and maintaining your child’s health. Forgacs O.D., F.A.A.O. sees patients as young as three years old. Even if your child has not complained of any vision issues, an eye examination can detect problems early before they have a chance to develop. Some conditions of the eye respond quite favorably when they are treated early.

We can test your child’s ability to track moving objects, depth perception, eye-hand coordination, and check for the presence of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Our eye doctor will make sure your child has the vision correction needed to support rapidly growing eyes.

Starting School

Starting school is an exciting time for any child and we know that you want to ensure your child has a great start to his or her academic career. Academic success depends on having good vision in school or even at home with online learning. If your child is unable to clearly see the whiteboard or unable to focus on the word in the schoolbooks, your child may become frustrated and their grades will suffer. Apart from schoolwork, certain activities such as school sports also rely heavily on your child’s visual capabilities. Before starting school, make sure your child is able to participate fully in their classroom and playground experiences.

Eye Problems Emerge Early

It is during the elementary school years that we find amblyopia (lazy eye syndrome), strabismus (crossed eyes), and nearsightedness. These problems are not just treatable, they are correctable. Another reason to make sure your child receives annual eye exams during the elementary school years is to make sure vision problems aren't misdiagnosed as behavioral problems or ADHD. It is not unusual for a "behavior problem" to be a vision problem.

Teens Need Vision Care

Heavy academic loads and competitive sports require good vision. Our optometrist can help ensure your teen's eye health while also providing stylish and comfortable eyewear and contacts.

Pediatric Eye Care in Midtown Manhattan

Eye Care Associates in Optometry provides the most comprehensive eye exams you will find in the tri-state area. We review every aspect of your child's eye health needs. Request an appointment online or call us today at (212) 583-9000. The office of Dr. Lawrence Forgacs is located in midtown Manhattan at Eye Care Associates in Optometry, 425 Madison Ave #802, New York, NY 10017.

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