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Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

When it comes to your eyes, you only get a few chances to keep them healthy, working right, and performing at their best. If not routinely cared for, eventually degenerative eye conditions kick in. It’s important to realize people need assistance to retain their sight. At Eye Care Associates in Optometry, we have made it our mission to help all our patients, young and old, retain as much of their vision as possible with medical science, good eye practice and care, and advanced approaches in restoring vision. 


We Make a Difference in Eye Exam Visits

As a full service eye care services resource, Eye Care Associates in Optometry is built around a robust approach to eye and vision care. That includes both regularly scheduled eye exam services with an optometrist and treatment to include emergency services and complex vision issues handled by an experienced eye doctor. What makes the difference between our offices and the clinic in a typical hospital or storefront is the professionalism and personal care we provide every patient, regardless of need, case, and situation. It is our top priority to welcome and engage all our patients in Midtown Manhattan as part of our eye care services family for a long-term relationship versus just a simple drop-in visit. Most of our patients find this approach allows them to focus on what’s really needed for their eyes, versus simple treatment for acute conditions.

Everything Is Explained in Detail by an Eye Doctor

Our optometrist and staff make a point to explain every procedure, every piece of advice, every exam, and every benefit. In fact, most of our patients learn more about eye function and eye care science than they’ve heard from anywhere else in their lives. Patients in Midtown Manhattan and throughout New York go out of their way to sign up for appointments with an eye doctor at Eye Care Associates in Optometry because of the difference in patient care and information provided. Our offices provide a number of financing options to make it easier to afford the necessary care a complex vision issue may require. We work with all major vision insurance providers, and our finance expert evaluators can help patients navigate the complicated insurance coverage and benefits system successfully.

Get the Help You Need from an Optometrist

If you need a comprehensive eye exam, a contact lens exam, or some other service, Eye Care Associates in Optometry in Midtown Manhattan is available when you need us. Give us a call, text, or email, and we can set up a consultation to go over any concerns you may have about your vision or eye health needs.

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