COVID-19 Update #3


We are still open on a limited schedule for emergency eye care, including eye infections, eye irritations, visual disturbances (flashes of light or floaters),  eye irritations from wearing contact lenses, eyeglass emergencies including lost, broken, scratched lenses or emergency backup glasses in case there is a long term disruption to the supply chain. Cindy Schafran our licensed optician will be available on Tuesday and Thursday only. 

Also, if you wear contact lenses please call our office immediately and order at least a six months supply now or one year if you prefer. If an infection breaks out in one of the contact lens manufacturing facilities the whole plant could be shut down causing an immediate disruption to the supply chain. Don't let this happen to you. There could be other potential breaks in the supply chain from various delivery services. You can now also order through us online from our web site, Click on contact lenses and go to the ABB Optical portal to login and place an order or you can call them direct at 1-877-425-3672 to place a telephone order. Just confirm that you are one of our patients. You can also go to the web site directly at to set up an account for all your future orders. 

If you have an after hours emergency please call me on my cell phone, 203-376-0086. If I don't answer please leave a message. For any patient who comes to the office for emergency care we disinfect every room in the office between every patient including all doorknobs, countertops, clipboards, pens, light switches, chairs equipment chin rest, forehead rest, hand rails, occluders, or anything else a patient or staff member might touch or come in contact with. We now have mask and gloves for your safety and convenience and if you missed our last update please visit our web site and order the Immune Maintenance Formula and ViraCare while supplies last. Just click on More Services, then Doctor Recommended Products, then the link for Patient One MediNutritionals to register and place your order for these two super immune boosting products and browse their web site for other great health care products as well.

Or, click the hyperlinks below: 

Click Here

ViraCare Support Formula - Info Flyer: 

Immune Maintenance - Info Flyer: 

Be Safe and follow the CDC safety recommendations and pray for an early resolution to the Coronavirus Crisis!!

Lawrence S Forgacs, O.D., F.A.A.O.

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