Medical Eye Care

Medical Eye Care Services in Midtown Manhattan from Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D.

At Eye Care Associates in Optometry, we understand that our patients’ vision is an integral part of their overall quality of life. Our reliable team, alongside Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D., is here to make sure that everyone in the Midtown Manhattan area understands that we are able to provide a wide range of medical eye care services.


Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam is not a simple vision exam. Our comprehensive exam includes a variety of tests designed to inspect the overall health of the eye. The eye exams are performed in order to identify medical problems that might be present before they start to impact our patients’ vision. Some of the tests include:

  • Dilated eye examination: The pupils are dilated in order for our optometrist to fully examine the health of the eye. This exam is important to the prevention and treatment of risky conditions that may arise.
  • A Refraction or Visual Acuity Testing: The purpose of a refraction test is to check how well the eye can see details of numbers and letters. The test is usually done from a particular distance.
  • Visual Field Testing: A vision field test determines the limitations of your eyesight.

Acute Care Needs Are Handled by An Optometrist

At Eye Care Associates in Optometry, we can handle the needs of our patients with great care and consideration. We understand that even with the best preventative care possible, acute care needs are still going to arise from time to time.  Acute care needs include emergency care, urgent care, and conditions that require short-term stabilization.  Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D. and the team of Eye Care Associates in Optometry are here to help.

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These are only a few of the many eye care services that we can provide to our patients. We take a lot of pride in placing the needs of our patients ahead of our own. The wide-ranging services that we offer reflect that. To learn more about how we can help you, please call Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D. at 212-583-9000 to schedule an appointment. We can provide both preventative care and acute care services in the field of optometry. Anyone who is looking for an eye doctor should come and visit us today.

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