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Our licensed optometrist provides thorough eye care benefits to Midtown Manhattan and the surrounding communities. Dr. Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D.F.A.A.O. is not only a licensed optometrist, he is a Fellow in the American Academy of Optometry.  

A Plethora of Knowledge

Patients can rely on the spectrum of assistance offered by Dr. Forgacs.  From a procedural yearly eye examination to analyzing and prescribing accurate regimens affecting your eye or vision, Dr. Forgacs treats eye disorders of all kinds, including macular degeneration and glaucoma.  This expertise is due to his training in biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy.  

A Variety of Services

Dr. Forgacs and our staff provide excellent service to all of our patients. The following is a list of some of conditions we treat: 

  • Refractive vision errors:  We aim to analyze refractive vision errors during thorough eye exams. We also provide contact lens exams to provide both standard soft contacts as well as specialty contacts for hard-to-fit eyes. We offer eyewear solutions and contact lenses that are specialized for these types of eyes. We also provide laser eye surgery co-management. Dr. Forgacs can do an examination to determine if surgeries such as LASIK are an option for you.  
  • Eye disorders:  Dr Forgacs and our team are aware that some issues with vision may be amended or treated without the use of surgery. If this holds true for you, our eye professionals strive to achieve a way to make your eyes stronger. We utilize a series of custom-made exercises for your eyes. Exercises that augment the network between the eyes and the brain. This aids with eye disorders such as a lazy eye, double vision, dyslexia, and crossed-vision.  
  • Computer Vision Syndrome: If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer screen, Dr. Forgacs can help. Our eye doctor can analyze and assign the proper treatment plan to aid in relieving computer vision and the stress related to computer vision. 

We also treat many other eye conditions, such as dry eye syndrome, keratoconus, and cataracts. 

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We can help with your eye or vision problems. Give us a call today. Dr. Forgacs is more than an eye doctor. If you live in Midtown, Manhattan, or the surrounding areas, call today or access our online appointment request.   

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