COVID-19 Update #4




As we emerge from our long overdue state of suspended workplace animation Like the Butterfly from its' cocoon in the Light of a 'New Awakening' beneath the bright blue sky and much needed sunlight and warm spring days as we long for long walks out of doors in the fresh virus free air we are constantly and painfully reminded by the 'Powers To Be' to continue to wear our Beautiful N95 Mask or your favorite colorful scarf to keep your germs safe from those around you for GOD only knows how much longer! And when 'You' are ready to emerge from 'Your Cocoon', and show off your distinctive 'New Mask' we will be waiting with open virtual arms (No Touching Allowed) for a much needed virtual hug as we are all grateful to still be here and able to take that first step back to reality that eventually we will all need to go back to work if we want to help prevent the financial crisis which will be much more painful than the TP crisis if we don't get our economy rolling along again soon. So do your part, get out and support your local merchants who have been forced to close for the past three months. We are here waiting for you at Eye Care Associates in Optometry with virtual open arms so come join our Masked Eye Ball Party! We have 'Party Bags' waiting for you and you guessed it. Yes loaded with new a colorful mask and gloves. How much fun is that as everyone is always looking for a new mask and gloves these days!? You would think with all this modern day technology they could make them with a material that could be washed and reused!

Once you arrive at the Masked Eye Ball Party you will be greeted with a no touch infrared thermometer aimed directly at your forehead so no heavy makeup or face creams please. Next you will be asked to swear on a stack of bibles that you haven't been hanging out with anyone who has any germs hiding in their body that now may be hiding in your body. After your swearing in ceremony you will be allowed to enter the 'sterile' exam room being careful not to touch anything until the Edenpure air purifier has sucked all the germs off your clothing and incinerated them at a temperature of 410 degrees to ensure that everyone is germ free when they leave the office. All the eye test will now be performed by the 'sterile' Eye Doctor, yours truly, Forgacs O.D., F.A.A.O., wearing surgical gloves, mask and special safety glasses to keep our eyes from getting too close during your eye exam. Every room will be disinfected between every patient and alternate rooms will be used between each patient to allow adequate drying time and re-circulation of the room air through our lovely Edenpure Air Purifier. Please don't put your hand over the unit as it gets very hot.

Hopefully, when you leave our office you will have less germs than when you arrived and will now be able to see them more clearly with your new glasses or contact lenses when you arrive back home.

Also, we are extending our April and May Specials for the entire month of June. 20% off all co-pays and coinsurance charges for both Vision and Medical eye exams Plus a 5% discount off all cash payments for both medical and material charges and other products or services provided by our office and of course as always you will receive 30% off any combination of six items which we can ship to you if you prefer not to carry them home with you.

Cindy, our lovely expert licensed optician has whole new line of beautiful exotic Wissing and Schnuchel frames and she will be offering you a special 25% discount on any 2nd pair or backup glasses you purchase during the month of June. Please call to make an appointment with Cindy if you need an extra pair of glasses to ensure you have a good backup pair at home in case we have another wave of virus in the fall.

Also if you have been feeling stressed out over everything that has been going on around you and around the world, try some of the featured Stress Management Products by Patient One Nutraceuticals:

5-HTP 100mg 

5-HTP with B6

Magnesium Chelate

Adrenal D-Stress

Melatonin 3mg - Gradual Release

Melatonin 5mg

Especially important now are the Immune Maintenance and ViraCare Formulas:

Immune Maintenance


Please follow all the CDC's recommendations as listed on our enclosed COVID -19 AOA information sheets (link below) and pray for a quick resolution to the Coronavirus crisis:

See you at the next Eye Ball Masked Party!


Lawrence S. Forgacs, O.D., F.A.A.O.

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