Diabetic Eye Exams in Midtown Manhattan

Diabetes is a condition that causes a variety of other health issues when it is not regulated. One of these issues is eye problems. That is why we encourage you to receive routine eye care once per year if you have diabetes. Some diabetics, however, may require more frequent visits. We would like to explore what you can expect during a diabetic eye exam at Eye Care Associates in Optometry in Midtown Manhattan.


Vision Screening

Just like with a standard eye exam from an eye doctor, you will receive a visual acuity assessment to determine if you have a vision deficit. This can give our eye doctor some insight into whether you have any potential eye health problems from your diabetes. You will also need to undergo a test for astigmatism.

Dilated Eye Exam

The dilated eye exam is part of a standard eye exam for a patient. We stress the importance of this test for our diabetic patients. This particular test consists of our practitioner giving you eye drops to dilate your pupils. He will then look inside your eye more easily. Specifically, our eye doctor uses this test to evaluate your retina for signs of diabetic retinopathy which is a condition that affects the blood vessels in your retina.

Glaucoma Test

During your diabetic eye care exam, our eye doctor will have you sit in front of a machine. It will blow air toward your eye, which allows Forgacs O.D., F.A.A.O. to check the pressure in your eye. High ocular pressure could indicate that you have glaucoma, which you are more prone to when you have diabetes.

Cataract Evaluation

Our eye doctor will look into your eyes using a specialized magnifying device. We will also evaluate the lens of your eye for any clouding. A clouded lens indicates you have cataracts which is a condition that can progress and lead to blindness. Your risk for cataracts is higher when you have diabetes.


We believe that early intervention can help you preserve as much of your vision as possible. It can also help prevent complete vision loss. Sometimes, the treatment needed to address eye issues related to diabetes is contact lenses or glasses to help you see clearly.

Sometimes, you may need a prescription eye drop to control the problem. All of our patients receive continuous monitoring for their eye conditions. We provide diabetics with all of the diabetic eye care services they need, including testing for diabetic retinopathy.

Get a Thorough Eye Exam in Midtown Manhattan

Contact Eye Care Associates in Optometry, serving Midtown Manhattan and the general New York region, for your diabetic eye care exam. Call Forgacs O.D., F.A.A.O. today at (212) 583-9000.

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